Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Second 12 of 26

So I just can't help myself, this is my first year watching the show and I just have to blog about American Idol! So here is my twitter-style live blog from tonight's American Idol show.

Jasmine - love the song, cool interpretation, not such a great performance.
Matt - love this song too! Not his best performance. yikes.
ugh! not more commercials!
Janine - oh my goodness she is slaughtering this song!
Nick - sorry I just don't get him. Never did.
Alison - really good till the chorus. finally someone who can sing.
Kris - okay can I just say he's too cute - I wasn't crazy about that song but I'd love to see what else he can bring.
Megan - she looks like Taylor Swift. What's up with that? She sounds SO nervous and looks a bit awkward but the judges love her. We'll see!
Matt B. - WOW his voice! Boring performance though.
Jesse - amazing start, not awesome. I'd love to see more of her.
Kai - he can definitely sing. Not crazy about his song. I've never really been into him, this doesn't change me mind.
okay - so the preview for "duplicity" is seriously funny
Mishavonna - LOVE HER!!! Definitely my favorite on this episode.
Adam - most interesting performance tonight but I'm not really into him. Okay they just compared him to Edward Cullen from Twilight - yeah he's going through.
Here's my top three: Kris, Jesse & Mishavonna. Allison would be my #4
Well that's it folks!

Update: Allison Kris & Adam made it to the final three!


I've been thinking about food today and eating healthier so I pulled up a blog I'd found and WOW I forgot how much fun strolling around the blogsphere can be! I found a ton of blogs about saving money on groceries and/or eating healthy. Here are a couple links for you!
Best 100 Calorie snacks - all of these are fruits and veggies!
$5 Dinners - how cool is that?!
Eat Better America - great place for healthy recipes of favorite foods

Friday, February 20, 2009

a little more rambling

I know you must be sick of my rambling. You're probably checking my blog and thinking "when is she just going to post some more photos?!" Don't worry I have TONS of photos to share but most of them are sitting on my hard drive waiting to be edited. But here are a couple from my trip to my sister's that I meant to post earlier.

Last night I went out to see "Confessions of a Shopaholic" it was just okay. It was one of those movies for a night when you're all alone, at home making love to a big bowl of ice cream. I was the only person in watching it which felt really weird. It wasn't a bad movie, though it should get some kind of award for worst costume design and lame script writing. But the two main charicters were really awesome and the ending gave me goosebumps!

Today was the last day of school break and while I wish there was another week of break ahead I think my kids are really ready for school to start and to be back on their regular schedule. Today we went to the mall for the morning - am I the only woman who goes to the mall with cash in her pocket, spends three hours at the mall and doesn't buy a thing? I am just proud of myself for going to the mall with all four kids without another adult to help out and survived! We even did lunch in the food court! Yeah, that bit was a little stressful but we made it through without any catestrophic messes so I'm happy.

Tomorrow I work at the consignment store so the kids will have the whole day with their daddy. That'll be good for them. It's so nice that they get time to just be with their dad, I think it's a good dynamic.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

More puppy and baby pics

I just finished procesing this one and really love it!

Here are more of baby D.

what more is there to say?

I don't know why I picked that as the title for today's post. I'm totally brain-fried! I'm wishing that my kids didn't have to go back to school on Monday and wishing that Josiah would just go ahead and take his nap :-)
Yesterday I had a photo shoot with the cutie-patootie Lexie & Dixie. They were kinda hyper but adorable and a good start to advertising that I offer pet photography services. The weather was hideous - rainy and totally gross - but the light on those days is so much easier to work with!

We had a big storm last night so I had to shut the computer off :-( so I mixed myself a drink and watched American Idol. I think results shows are so lame but I actually danced around the room when Alexis Grace made it into the top twelve and I thought Michael did an even better job last night than the night before. My top three were last night's top three! yay!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

day two accomplshed(ish)

Day two of the kids all home and I survived! I hit the gym for the first time in months and then headed over to see my sister and her kids. My kids and her kids play together really well. I took some pictures I'll post a couple tomorrow (hopefully!).
We went to O'Charley's for dinner and it was wonderful! From the super-sized booth that held our "big" family comfortablyto the hot rolls and amazingly well-cooked food. Who knew that a meal could make you so happy!
We came home, put the kids to bed and I watched American Idol while Daniel fell asleep on the couch. My faves: Michael (I know he didn't do fabulusly last night but he's still my fave) Alexis Grace (the best female last night by a mile)& Danny (a little cheezy but an awesome singer and a great guy). I also think Anoop can sing really well but he just doesn't have the whole package for me. Alright well I'm off to a photoshoot! TTFN!

Monday, February 16, 2009

one down. four to go

I've got a little pot of (decaf) coffee brewing and I'm about to pop "Nights in Rodanthe" into my computer but I thought I'd pop in to say "hi" to you (like five) blog readers!
Today marked the begining of a week-long break from school for my two oldest kids. I've been looking forward to it for about two weeks now. No reason to get up too early, no hectic race out the door in the morning - for my kids that is - I just wave from the door in my jammies.
Today we were going to do our grocery shopping. I made a little calendar for the fridge with our plans for the week and assigned each of the girls one luch and one dinner which they could help plan for and make. I was excited about it because I'm not really the planner type. Okay, sometimes I plan but I rarely execute... anyway... I'm also really bad about saying "while I'm out" and tagging about three other errands onto my one errand making it take all---freaking---morning!!!!
I forgot how exhausting it is to have all of the kids home all day, or how quickly the day flies by! All in all it was a pretty good day. (besides the screaming and the crying and the throwing things bit - ha!) Beth & I watched "Prince Caspian" together during "nap time" which ended up in K-A & E jumping on their beds, bouncing off the walls screaming. I skipped the whole part in the cave with the white witch and even then Beth (who is seven and will watch anything if you let her) pronounced that it wasn't really a kids movie, but she liked the ending.
So anyway, I'm looking forward to tomorrow and enjoying the kids and the freedom from a school schedule!
Yeah - BTW "Nights in Rhodanthe" wasn't that great. It was a tearjerker for sure and wasn't aweful but it really wasn't what I was hoping for either. Just in case you wanted to know.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day Y'all! Today has been such a crazy day! Emma went to bed last night with an ear infection and was running a fever today so I took her to the doctor's office where they couldn't even see into her ear because of all the wax! They used the coolest little gadget to get the wax out, it was like a spray bottle with a small catherter type attatchment that fit into her little ear canal. I have never ever seen that much wax come out of any ear! It was awesome gross! So we went to publix and picked up her prescription and some strawberry syrup to make "pink milk" (like in Charlie & Lola) then crashed at home.
While we waited for Beth to come home Daniel finished up the negotiations to replace our van. We bought it used off of which worked out really well. I'm super happy about it.
Tonight we painted hearts on paper to make Valentines Day cards for Grammy and the cousins. When I announced that it was bed time Katie-Abigail said "what about the reindeer?" and I'm thinking whaaaaaat? You see, around Christmastime we had a little crisis in the Raider household. I wasn't raised with the whole Santa/Tooth Fairy/Easter Bunny thing, so I never did that with my kids either. Friendly strangers would stop my kids in the isles at WalMart to ask if Santa was coming only to be met with blank stares or the ever-factual Beth would reply "Santa's been dead for a long time." yeah, well anyway. This year at their school everybody else seemed to be believing in Santa even their teachers. It was like a crisis of faith for my kids. One day Beth even said "Mom, could you at least put "from Santa" on one of my presents? So yeah, it was just a little bit crazy.
So anyway, tonight I said "how about if Cupid comes instead?" and Katie-Abigail thinks that's just the greatest thing ever so I say "if you go to bed quickly and go to sleep then Cupid will come and put a chocolate under your pillow" Emma & Beth kind of just roll their eyes at me but Katie-Abigail says"I love supid." "It's c-c-c-Cupid, darling." "oh, I love Cupid!" and she went right to sleep!!! (yay!!) How Cute.

Monday, February 9, 2009


Hiyas! I'm just bopping in while I take a break from editing photos. I'm still working on baby D's session (I photoshop almost all of my photos now to some degree or another) I had another photoshoot today doing headshots for a realtor friend of mine so I'm editing those. I've got a party to photograph tomorrow and another baby session on Thursday. What the heck is going on here? This is actually kind of turning into a job! And I love it! Of course I've got to figure out the whole business side of photography ick. When it comes to pricing photo sessions & prints I'm rather clueles. My husband says I underestimate myself. hmmmm.
I got some photocards today that I had printed from Moo the quality is absolutely fantastic. I am really pleased. I'd like to try to sell them but I really don't think I'll be able to make a profit. (sigh)
Okay, back to work now! :)

Friday, February 6, 2009

Baby D

Hello! Today was an amazingly beautiful day! I just adore those bright warm days. The light shines through my pale yellow curtains into my home and I feel so happy!
This evening I've been spending some time processing the photos I took of Baby D. that I thought I'd share with you here. She was such a tiny, beautiful little girl and such a stubborn little thing. I spent about two hours and she was awake almost the entire time! As always, there is more on my flickr site!
sweet baby D by you.

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Hey! I only have a sec. to write. I'm hittin' the computer before I dash out the door. I've got prints to mail to a client and I'm on my way to my first newborn photoshoot. Today I feel like a professional photographer! Lovin' it!
Yesterday it snowed!! I know that's not a huge deal to many of my readers but it was to me! Here in Atlanta we almost never get snow and yesterday it was like there was fairy dust in the air. It was beautiful!
I ran around town with my two little ones shopping for new flooring for my Living Room. It was great fun!! I took a bunch of pics on my cell phone. We're considering laminate "hardwood". They had some beautiful bamboo stuff I brought home a sample and Daniel did the "kid test" to it and it dented in a second! So we're still going with laminate. Or we might decide that the whole thing is just too freaking expensive and re-carpet...
Okay, well I don't want to be late!! Will post pics soon!
Love ya!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

my (irreverent) randomness

I know, I know, I am so very behind on my 365 project! I have (most of) the photographs on my computer needing to be processed and posted. Oh well! At least I have a superb reason for not working on my project this weekend and that is because I had stomach bug. I felt like crap for about two days, my insides felt like they were being kicked like when I was 7 months pregnant with Katie-Abigail (who was quite the "spicy" little one even in the womb!) But I'm better now, just in time to hold Emma's hair while she leans over the toilet. On Sunday I felt like I just ould not walk another step further. Beth was sick on Thursday. It was actually a really nice day. I took a photo of her - again another photo

All morning I've been laughing to myself over something I read the other night while I was taking a bath and reading by Elizbeth Gilbert (for the second time) She writes: I took on my depression like it was the fight of my life... I leaned on my support network, cerishing my family and cultivating m most enlightening friendships. And when those officious women's magazines kept telling me that my low self-esteem wasn't helping depressiong matters at all, I got myself a pretty haircut, bought some fancy makeup and a nice dress. (when a friend compliented my new look, all I could say, grimly, was, "Operation Self-Esteem - Day Fucking One.") Something about that just makes me want to laugh.

I finally hung some pictures in the hallway. Yay! I marked off some space for several pictures to be hung in a square pattern. I love the look of the empty space, just waiting to be filled...

Daniel found some cute sunglasses in the parking lot a couple weeks ago and brought them home to Beth. Katie-Abigail thinks they look like Sharpay glasses. She put them on the other day and said "Fabulous! Is that so wrong?!" I knew that was going to happen one of these days.

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