Monday, January 19, 2009

remembering my brother

me and my little brother Ian on the day after he was born.I adored Ian when he was a little child.We were in ballet together. He loved it and was really good for a four year old.He was a ringbearer in my weddingThese are recent pics from a boy scout camp.
Today was the memorial service for my little brother. I have no more words but to say that I just wish it wasn't real. It's so wrong for his life to be over.


  1. I have no words either, but my heart aches for you.

  2. I realize this is almost two years old but I know the pain is still there. I am praying for you Faith.

  3. Faith, I lost my little brother April of 2008. He was MY ringbearer too. What a horrible thing to have in common, but it just goes to show you how small this great big world is. Hugs to you today.

  4. So so sad that he left us early, Faith. I cried reading this entry and looking at all the beautiful photos of the two of you together. *hugs*


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