Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Today I am thankful
for hubby-hugs this morning
for accessories that make a drab outfit feel fabulous
and purple glimmery-shimmery eyeshadow
for Bethypoo smiles
and Emmabear hugs
for friends who were willing to come out on this foggy cold day to attempt a play date
for public libraries and colorful storybooks
for my mother who called just because I'm her daughter, just because she loves me!
for hot (homemade!) soup to warm my hands
for baby boy cuddles
and little girl giggles
for Decaf Verona coffee ("my favorite and my best")
for a little bit of quiet time in my crazy day - and intermission between act 1 & 2 of Katie-Abigail's energetic day today!
for peace during a difficult time
for bubble baths
and a book to read while I thaw
for beautiful music
and pretty-smelly candles
for love that's never ending even when it's misunderstood
and you!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend pics

I was going to post pictures over the weekend, honestly I was. But I was feeling very I-want-to-crawl-under-a-rock-ish and stayed away from the computer. I got my kitchen halfway clean and feel a little better. I also planned out meals & chores etc.

This is the clean half of my kitchen! :-) (see my pretty bowls?!!) yay for clean kitchens!! by you.

I finished up with that and went to tell Daniel that it was time for J's nap and they were already asleep!! How sweet!

D & J resting on Sat afternoon by you.

Here's my photo from Saturday - which still needs some touch up work but I'm not quite sure yet what I'm going to do to it so here it is strait out of the camera:

the result of having girlies by you.

I call it "the result of having girlies"

Katie-Abigail and I had a nice hot cup of cocoa today with a million (more or less) marshmallows.
Would you like a little cocoa with your marshmallows? by you.

Last but not least here is my re-touched version of my photo of Emma from Thursday!! Love it!

Emma by the door - edited by you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

a couple more links

I was thinking about this today - it's freaking awesome! And called Simply Breakfast and while it is no longer being updated it's still an awesome blog to peruse. Here's her flickr page too! She's got an etsy store, a book a blog etc.
Here's another food blog and her flickr
And here is a cool blog with an amazing template/layout and really good photography!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lemon - photo of the day

Well, I finally got aroud to doing my photo of the day after dinner tonight. Here's Daniel's pick for photo of the day:


And here's one of Josiah!

a little bit of flicker-ing

So I'm totally tired this afternoon and am sort of wandering around flickr in between disciplinary interventions with kids and I found another mama on Flickr whose photos I'm just lovin' so I tought I'd post a link (it's been a while hasn't it?) so here she is! here is an awesome image from her photostream and another that I just adore. And here is an interesting blog full of photographs!

Here's a wedding photographer to blow you away! Love this image!

This page is really really cool! Very unique. Love the photostrips!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

chocolate & strawberries

Here's my photo of the day - I was melting chocolate chips for chocolate covered strawberries to celebrate our wedding anniversary!

a brighter day

I got up this morning tired and sad, wishing I could hide under the covers and sleep the day away but today has been a brighter day. This afternon Daniel came home from work for a bit bringing lunch and we watched the innaguration of Barak Obama. It was really special to be together for that moment. It's Daniel's and my eighth wedding anniversary - eight years ago today we were married at the First Baptist Church in Tyrone, Georgia. It snowed on our wedding day! My bridesmaids and I were freezing cold for the photographs at the church doors. Eight years, seven homes, five dogs and four kids later I can honestly say that we are still happily married This past year has been one of the more difficult years for Daniel and I but we both feel like we've turned a corner in our relationship and are looking forward to a good year ahead. We've been through so much - poor health, financial crisis, betrayal by church leaders, moving from Georgia to Montana and back to Georgia again in a span of about six months, unemployment, depression, back injuries, family drama we've seen a lot. But we'e also seen a lot of great times too, happy times with our family and friends. Happy times uaually involving coffee or babies. Sharing this much of my life with one person is a crazy thing but I treasure Daniel's friendship and hope that these next eight years will be way better than the first.



Monday, January 19, 2009

remembering my brother

me and my little brother Ian on the day after he was born.I adored Ian when he was a little child.We were in ballet together. He loved it and was really good for a four year old.He was a ringbearer in my weddingThese are recent pics from a boy scout camp.
Today was the memorial service for my little brother. I have no more words but to say that I just wish it wasn't real. It's so wrong for his life to be over.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

can I get off here?

Is there some kind of emergency brake I can pull on the fast-track train of my life? This looks like a good spot to get off at, I think I'll just rest here awhile thank you very much. I want to just hide under a blanket for the next, oh I don't know, five days or so. I did all my running around yesterday, I worked all day today, tomorrow Daniel's having a friend over and they're going to fiddle with our home network. Monday is the memorial service for my brother and even though I bought three new shirts at the consignment store I still feel like I have nothing to wear to it. Tuesday is our anniversary - Daniel & I will have been married for eight years. But that night is also Beth's first grate PTA program. She's really looking forward to singing her songs. sigh.
I just want to skip all of this. I want to curl up and forget what day of the week it is. I want to give hugs and read stories and not have to worry about when dinner will be ready or if the house is clean. I guess I'm just tired and procrastinating.
I don't have a photo of the day so instead I'm inserting a link to my little sister's photography page. She doesn't have a lot of public photos but what she has posted is (in my opinion) well worth the visit!

Friday, January 16, 2009

photo of the day - unbreakable bowls

8/365 by you.

Here's the photo of the day. Certainly not anything amazing, but anyway... My goal is to replace my dishes with the new plastic unbreakable dishes. I really like my big stoneware dishes but it makes it more difficult to let my girls help me with setting the table etc. So I think it's going to be quite mismatched for awhile. I just really wanted to get the floral & butterfly bowls at Target before they sold out. I really like them. I also got the floral salad plate and blue polka dot plate. It's so much fun! So hopefully soon I'll be able to help my girls be more consistant with helping me set the table and empty the dishwasher with these lightweight dishes.

While we were out at Target Katie-Abigail had the biggest meltdown ever. I was "the mom" with the screaming kid who just won't stop, sputtering at the check out counter. I'm trying to pay and make sure that Josiah doesn't jump out of the cart and then my cell phone rings! So I'm exhausted. I just kept trying to remind myself that a good mom is not the mom whose kids never act out the good mom is the mom that remains calm and consistant when her kids go crazy. Today was that day and I'm totally exhausted!

Oh and by the way, the memorial service for my littler brother, Ian, is on Monday so please if you think of us pray for us on that day.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another day, another photo

This is actually one I took yesterday but it'll do for my photo of the day!

I bought new nobs for the bathroom cupboards a couple days ago. Love it! Here are a couple more:

Okay, well I'm off to watch the latest episode of 24 online with Daniel.


On Monday I was at Revive Consignment to pick up my paycheck with K-A & Josiah in tow. While we were there I tried on some tops and when we were done I said "Okay, Mommy's done. Now let's go get a cookie and then pay." (They have free cookies at Revive and if Katie-A stays close to me I let her have one right before I head to the check-out counter) So Katie-Abigail flings open the curtain to the dressing room and says "It's showtime!"

Then today I was taking some photographs of Katie-Abigail with my macro filter on my camera (which is very difficult and I don't recommend it) and she said "make it talk" whenever she saw her picture. So I'd say "oh, the camera says there's not enough light." and she'd giggle I'd modify the setting on my camera and take another picture. K-A would say "what does the camera say now?" and I'd say "the camera says your hair is in your face" so we fixed her hair and then I took another picture and said "oh, the camera says you're so beautiful!" and she said "oooh, thank you camera! I'm going to give you a kiss!" and she kissed my camera, right in the lense. You could see a little lips mark on it. It was totally cute, but I had to clean my camera.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Another photo for today

I have absolutely no time to upload more photos tonight. I took 200+ photos today mostly of just random things. This is the "official" photo of the day. I used my macro filter and kept my f-stop low (is that how you say it? I kept it at 7 instead of 5) so that you can see the detail of the orange better. Yum!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Today's photo of the day

This is a shot that I wanted to take over the weekend. It doesn't symbolize how I feel this week but it does capture some of the emotion of last week as I grieved for my brother. I purposefully lowered the saturation untill it's almost gray because that's just how life feels sometimes - colorless, dreary and out of focus.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting back to something like normal

Life is never going to be the same but today felt like the right day to start moving forward. It was good to have a week to let myself be sad, to not fight the exhaustion... but I also can't allow this grief to consume me. Daniel & I had a nice little date yesterday and today the little kids and I ran a few errands. It was really nice to get of the house.
So anyway, I took a photo for my 365 project. I so had to photoshop it but it was a fun exercise.

4/365 by you.

I kind of wish my hair would do this more often. I really like the look. It's staring to need a trim but I love it when it does this funky little upturn. I took this photo right before I washed my hair this morning.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My brother

On Saturday night Ian, my sixteen year old brother, killed himself. It was completely unexpected - he seemed to be doing really well and was enjoying his Christmas break as far as any of us can tell there was no warning that he would attempt something like this. There has been so much sadness but also so much love. I am greatful for the grace God has shown to us during this terrible time. The meals from church friends meant so much. We could just sit and eat soup and be exhausted and sad.

I spent the today with my sisters for the first time in many years. We worked together to make a mourning wreath for the door and we looked through the boxes of photographs so that we could put together an album of my brother's life.
It's so hard to find words to express how this has affected me. It doesn't seem real.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Today's photo of the day

Daniel bought some limes for a gin & tonic drink and when I saw it sitting on my nice (newly) cleaned countertops I knew that I wanted to photograph it for today's photo of the day. I knew I wanted to go for a minimalistic look and it was a lot harder than I thought it'd be. Finding the right light (and the right place in my house) was more difficult than I thought. I had originally wanted this to be lighter but this plate worked well too.

This photo was taken in my garage - there's great light there - and the color is boosted a little in Photoshop and I added the vintage action to this one too.

An outtake from today's photoshoot with the lime. Something about this is really appealing. Those are my feet ;-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pics from today

I found this photo of Josiah from last year while I was going through some old files last night. I thought I'd re-create photo from '08 so you can see how much Josiah's grown! It was harder than I thought it's be to get my little munchkin man to sit still! Plus I'm using a different camera in each of the shots with very different lighting conditions but oh well! You still get the idea!
Josiah today - nearly made it to photo of the day status. It's my #2 pick.

Here is my photo of the day - my daughter Emma in all her cuteness.
Below is the result of an idea I had for a photo - it didn't work out so well. I'm pretty sure you can click to see it larger. When the photoshoot was done the kids pounced on the plate of treats.

New Year's Resolutions

Here's a neat link about keeping your resolutions from RealSimple


One of my New Year's Resoluions is to take a photograph every day. So here is my photo for the day.

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