Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas

Daniel is downloading a movie so now I don't feel so guilty about sitting down to blog about our Christmas - something I've been wanting to do for about 24hours now!
This Christmas has been one of our best Christmases ever. Did I ever mention that I have super well-behaved kids? I usually don't notice. I notice the fighting and the whining a lot more, but this Christmas I've enjoyed how gloriously sweet and generous my little ones are. I watched them play with their new toys and share with each other and I feel really proud of them. Not that there weren't moments when I wanted to pull my hair out too, but there were just more moments of joy and calm this year than not.
Christmas Eve morning Daniel was up early in the morning throwing up etc. etc. and was warmed-over dead all day long. Josiah was up at around 6am and wanted to be held all day long so instead of fighting it I just embraced it and sat with Josiah in my lap all morning long. Emma & Katie-Abigail would come for visits and sit on my lap and pet Josiah and give him kisses. It was really nice, actually, just to sit and enjoy the kids and being with them and the Christmas lights and not worry about the mess or the things to do.
I took the kids to a Christmas Eve service at a local church and it was everything you could hope for in an alternative-style service. Worship music instead of carols, an awesome video presentation and a lot of free coffee. This is the biggest cafe church I've ever been too. I love cafe-style churches - the ones where you come in your jeans with your coffee and the band plays Chris Tomlin and David Crowder and it's all about worship and being transformed and not about how you look or being put together.
So then Christmas day Daniel was feeling well enough to go nap on his mother's couch and the kids had so much fun! They got amazing gifts from aunts and uncles and of course Grammy! Notable mentions: a tea set on a cart, a train that sings animal songs a small digital camera for Beth and a five foot tall Dora playhouse that pops up! I haven't opened it yet the living room is still crowded with toys etc. Once we get it cleared out then we'll work on getting the Dora house up. We also made cameo appearances at my older sister's and parent's houses (and just like I said they would my parents said absolutely nothing about the nose ring.) I did all the driving but I enjoyed the drive home the best. Daniel bought me the soundtrack to August Rush. (love it!) So I listened to that while I was driving through Atlanta.
I love driving through Atlanta at night. I go strait through town whenever I have the opportunity. It's quicker to go via 285 around the city but then you miss a lot of the tall buildings and the lights. I love it. It seems like we did it a lot when I was a kid. I loved the way the street lamps looked at night and wished I could paint it. Now I wish I could photograph it. Maybe one day I will.
Then I stayed up late watching Planet in Peril. Wow. That was awesome yet sobering. So today I spent pretty much all day doing nothing. Daniel is feeling mostly better, though he's weak and somewhat dizzy. We watched WallE and High School Musical2 and I held Josiah the entire length of both movies. It was the only way he would sleep. (this too shall pass, this too shall pas.) It was fun in the morning but tiring in the afternoon. Oh and I played Candy Land with Emma & Beth for the first time ever. I loved going over to my friend's house and playing it with her when I was like six years old. It's a great game. A little young for them. Katie-Abigail should enjoy it a lot. It's more on her level. I'll post some photos soon. Here's someone elses Christmas photo that you should totally check out. love it!
The oldest two are spending the weekend at Grammy's so maybe I'll post some more soon :-)

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