Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm ready to get back to normal now

I am so done with this holiday season. I never ever thought I'd be one of those moms who count down the days for school to start up again but I am. If I have to listen to High School Musical 2 again (or worse- my kids trying to sing those stupid songs) I'm going to be sick(er) and if I hear my big kids say "I don't have anything to do" I am seriously going to scream, or no wait, I already did that. hmm.
No, really, I do enjoy my kids and I'm happy to be spending so much time with them again it's just harder to enjoy them in the post-Christmas mess and while Josiah is teething a molar. He's had a low grade fever and the works with this one. We went to the Library all together, which was fun. It's definitely easier to go with the big kids. They picked out knock-knock joke books so that's been interesting to say the least.
Daniel's 30th birthday is on Friday so I'm trying to plan something special for him that he'll enjoy. I'll be making my traditional birthday fudge for him in a day or two. Hopefully this year will be the best ever. I've never made fudge as good as the stuff I made in Montana. I'm thinking maybe the difference in humdity is what affects it so much? Then our wedding anniversary is later this month - so this is a pretty busy month for us.
I finally uploaded some pics from Xmas - here's the link

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