Friday, December 19, 2008

I love my life!

(This is Katie-Abigail in the lion costume)

Today has been one of those lay around in your pajama days. Forget about the chaos in the kitchen, lay aside the never-ending to-do's of the Holidays and just sit and be with my kids. (My two littlest managed to spill my coffee on me like four times - ick!) It's on these days that I remember how much I love my life. I love staying at home with my babies - I would do it all my life if I could. I'd snuggle down in my little nest pull the covers over our heads and live in a little bubble of cuddles and hot cocoa. But anyway I just wanted to say I LOVE MY LIFE!! I love hearng Josiah say new words and watching Katie-Abigail learning and communicating more and more. Today I gave Katie-Abigail her vitamin and she skipped around a bit saying "it's pink! it's pink!" and I thought "I tought her that!" just by telling her what color her vitamin is nearly every time I give it to her. Josiah is now, every once in a while, calling me Mama instead of Daddy - I've been working relelntlessly on that! I love watching how affectionate Josiah has become - he hugs little babies everywhere - it just warms my heart! In the middle of the mundane and seemingly pointless and repetitive activities there is a strand of pearls being strung that will outlast me. So give someone near you a kiss and a hug and hang in there a little while longer!

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