Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

I love making resolutions for the New Year. It helps me see how I've taken one more step towards becoming who I want to be. This year I did it up in my creativity program. ha! Every year I have to refrain from putting "GET MY LIFE TOGETHER!!!" as #1 and for now at least I'm trying to not put the yada yada yada ones - you know - loose weight, get more organized, get up early (ha!) become the perfect woman, you know. One that I forgot to put on there is pass the GED. hmm. guess I'll have to post an actual list tomorrow.
So, I'm getting ready for Daniel to come home from his second job so we can ring in the new year - I told him we could stay up till midnight folding laundry ;-)
Today I've been trying to clean the house and now I remember why I dislike doing it so much. It's because I'd like to do it all in one day which is impossible because the kids are constantly interrupting me. The one thing that I really got clean and has stayed perfectly clean is the microwave. sigh. Well, it really needed it! I love those really clean spots in my house that I'm able to get every once in a while that show up how totally messy every other spot in the house is and I (oddly enough) find it very inspiring.
Ugh, the kiddos are still not asleep. Bye!
P.S. Here's another resuolution: stop whining!

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  1. Faith, your zeal for life is just inspiring. I wish I had some of your creativity! I think I have had my DSLR twice, if not three times, as long as you, and I am taking nowhere near these kinds of photos. Fabulous pics in the post above. Hope 2009 is a fantastic year for you!


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