Thursday, December 11, 2008

a little bit of my life

Hey y'all

I'm sitting here drinking re-heated coffee and a brown sugar & cinnamon pop tart (I know, it's not really food. I bought a box of whole grain ones for the kids 'cause I had a coupon and it was thanksgiving break and D bought a box of regular ones - I tried one and now I'm hooked.) and I thought I'd share a little bit of life with you while Daniel is out.

I put up some Christmas lights. Oooh - they are so wonderful! I love the soft glow of them in the evening. I sort of just swagged them across the windows and hung some mini-ornaments in between the lights. It does not look wonderful but it is more Christmas-y than I thought I'd get too this year so I'm happy and the kids are happy and Daniel's not opposed to the idea so we're all good.

Katie-Abigail has been saying the most hilarious things recently. We were walking through the Wal-Mart parking lot one day and she suddenly said "I just smelled that car's breath. It smells gross!" and then today when we were at Old Navy the manager said to her "If anything goes wrong while I'm gone - you're in charge" Well Katie-Abigail did not like that one bit and she kept saying "That bad man said that I'm in charge. I'm going to throw my gum wrapper at him and call him cookie nuts." Cookie nuts is her newest thing. She is the only one allowed to say it, if one of us says it she gets mad. She uses it in all sorts of odd circumstances she'll say "oh cookie nuts." or "she's such a cookie nut" so, anyway - as always very funtertaining.

Josiah is starting to talk a little, he is also signing a few basic signs (finally!) like please & eat. He calls both Daniel & I "Daddy" (sniff sniff). He is a babbler, which is awfully cute. I really need to take a little video of him so I won't forget. Josiah got his first (of what I'm sure will be many) bloody noses. He & Katie-Abigail totally collided. They were jumping off of the laundry baskets so they totally had it coming. I dabbed it a little and then took a picture.

Emma is little miss popularity at school. She has boyfriend already - named Austen, who she thinks is so handsome. (sigh.) While were on the subject of boys - Beth told me that she is in a club at school called "The Love Club" and they sit around and talk about which boys they like. Oh, I am so not ready for this! I am constantly aware with those two that I have totally no clue what I'm doing and I have to desperately seek God for wisdom! Today Beth told me that sometime she wants to Celebrate Hanukkah. I thought that was a really cool thing for her to want to do. Maybe she just liked the idea of eight days of presents!

So, I love this time of year! The scented candles and the wrapping paper and giving gifts and the music. My Christian radio station has gone berserk playing 30s Christmas stuff - as if there's not plenty of Christian Christmas radio to fill the hours! I just can't stand it. So I've discovered Pandora's holiday stations. It's totally awesome!! I'm listening to "Casting Crowns (Holiday)" and loving it!!! It's the best internet radio ever. I heard the song "Virgin's Lullaby" the music to this song is incredible - I especially love the first chorus with (I assume) Natalie Grant it's so beautiful!!

I've been thinking about watching Christmas movies and which ones I like (and not). My favorites aren't so much Christmas movies as movies that have a little bit of Christmas in them - like "While You Were Sleeping" and to a lesser extent "Little Women". I also like "The Bishop's Wife" (old B&W movie - updated as "The Preacher's Wife") and "All I Want for Christmas" is one that I enjoyed when I was younger, I don't know if I'd still enjoy it. "You've Got Mail" has a little bit of Christmas in it. Oh but I think my favorite classic Christmas movie is "A Christmas Carol" though I can't tell you which version I like best - I haven't seen that in forever. Yes, I've seen "It's a Wonderful Life" several times. I also love love love "Family Man" one of my faves. I saw it right around the time that Daniel and I got married.

And of course I couldn't have a blog post without a picture so here is this: I call it "Self-Portrait in a Steamy Bathroom Mirror" ha! I took it while the kiddos were bathing :-) Yeah - definitely not me at my best! Well, TaTaForNow! And in case I don't pop back in before then - Merry Christmas!

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  1. Faith, this was too funny. I read it to Mark and we were both laughing at K-A's "cookie nuts", Emma's "boyfriend", and Beth's "love club"... and hoping that soon Josiah would realize that he has a MOMMY and Daddy, not two daddies! :)
    I REALLY hope we can see you all soon. If not for Christmas, then for Daniel's birthday. Love ya!


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