Thursday, November 13, 2008

Beth lost and tooth! and other news

Beth had her first ever field trip on... well, it was a couple days ago, sorry I'm having a Mommy moment and can't realy remember the specifics of what day that was, so anyway... Beth had her first ever field trip and it was to the Zoo which was very cool. We went there once this year, Beth seemed to really enjoy her field trip. With all that time on the bus etc. she spent the whole day wiggling her loose tooth (that's been loose for like six months) The other day I noticed it was finally getting good and "woggly" and Daniel said "How about I pull it for you?" Beth said "How about on the 17th?" HA! Daniel and I got a laugh out of that. But when Beth came home with that super-wiggly tooth Daniel said "Okay, it's time to take it out." He got out his big pliers (which totally frieked Beth out) and tried to pull it out. He tried pulling it out with his fingers, but they were too big to really fit in her mouth well. So he and Beth gave up on it for awhile. That night just before bedtime I said "Let me take another look at your super-wiggly tooth" and she said "sure" and I said "let's see how far this baby tooth will wiggle up" and it wiggled super-far up and I said "let's see hoe far this baby tooth will wiggle down" and I wiggled it down and heard that little sound of roots breaking (or whatever) Beth said "let me try that!" so she wiggled her tooth some more, it hurt a little and she stopped wiggling so I said "let me see one more time" so Beth said "sure!" and I wiggled it up and wiggled it down and felt a little pop. I said "wiggle it one more time" she opened her mouth and the tooth fell right out! Emma said "oooh Beth, you look so scary now, like a pirate!" ha! Katie-Abigail said what she's been saying for months now "See Mommy I lost a toos" (she's only three and has not yet even had a loose tooth yet, but she wants to be big like Beth so pretend that she's lost a tooth too).

In other news, my GED books came today. I literally jumped around the room giggling. I had no idea I'd be as ecstatic about it as I am. It's been a loooooong time since I've done anything like this!! I sat right down and tore through the first five chapters in the shorter one! Woohoo!
Also I have my second ever wedding photo-shoot coming up on Saturday. It sounds like it is going to be completely different from the last wedding but still quite small. The bride told me today that some of her friends are expecting me to take family portraits while I am there doing the reception photos. (Be still my beating heart!) No, seriously, I'm excited about the opportunity to get some more experience not to mention make some extra money!

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  1. Faith,
    I through all my weird education expereinces (and literally I think I've had every one in the book)... got my GED from the state of South Carolina. As a woman as intelligent as you are and with your educational background... YOU WILL FLY THROUGH THE EXAM!!! on the math portion there are questions like: Put these numbers in order from least to greatest.
    BETH could do that!
    It's really a dummy exam. I wouldn't worry about it TOO much.

    I'm so exicted though, that you are so excited! It's nice to have a something finished. A diploma. I know the feeling.

    SO Congratulations on the GED books and your upcoming exam.

    You´ll do great!


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