Thursday, September 4, 2008

Finally! Pictures from the wedding

It has taken me waaaaay too long to post these pictures from my brother in-law's wedding. They were happy with their pictures - yay! I posted a few photos that I didn't take on my other blog which was fun. It was a very difficult wedding to shoot because I had all four of my kids with me, Emma was the flower girl and Daniel (mu husband) was a groomsman. We had just about 45 minutes to do photographs between the ceremony and reception and then maybe 30 minutes after the reception. So it was a pretty stressful gig for me but I'm generally pleased with the results. So now, finally, here are some favorites:
My Emma
Listening to vows
Exchange of rings
My sister Abigail was an invaluable help in getting the entire wedding covered and she added some AMAZING photos to the set. Coundn't have done it without her!

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  1. The pictures turned out lovely, Faith. You've got a really good eye!


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