Saturday, July 26, 2008


I came across this wonderful post showing how one photographer post-pocesses her photographs. I've begun to notice more and more that post-processing an image is nearly half of the art (okay, maybe not half but a big part of it) it is AMAZING the difference it makes. So check it out!


  1. Post processing can make all the difference in the impact of a photo. The thing that annoys me is when post-processing/actions are used to cover up poor/sloppy exposures or compositions. Don't get me wrong, I do like actions and many of my favorite photographers use them.

    Also, if you haven't tried shooting RAW you really should. It gives so much more freedom in post processing that the extra work is worth it.

  2. I totally agree - though I have been guilty of doing that! Also over-processed photos are really annoying (I've done that too!) but when it's done well it can turn a good photo into a great photo!


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