Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hello from my corner of the world

I've stayed up too late again - oops! Daniel went to bed at 10:30ish I think and I said "I'll be there soon" but I was on the computer and you know how that goes... It's 2:30 now!

I'm trying to teach myself web design and it has been very hard. But I heard some wonderfully encouraging words from a friend over the weekend.

This weekend was great. We went to a birthday party and I wore my skirt that I bought at Target this week. It's wonderfully casual and comfortable. It feels SO wonderful to be wearing comfortable, cute cloths again!

A weird thing has been happening to me - the more weight I loose the fatter I feel - how messed up is that? I started going to the gym at night a couple times a week, plus I have a yoga/pilates class that I try to go to. I've only gone twice so far but I'm SO glad to be exercising more. I forgot what was missing out on. The first night I worked out on the treadmill I was craving hamburgers after! Sure burn 100 calories and then eat 300 - that makes a lot of sense :-)

Today we went to the Library and I checked out: a "heart healthy" cookbook (it had lots of pictures - lol), a "firm abs and tight tummy" book (my tummy's lookin' like over-risen bread dough these days), and a "how not to look old" book also "Prince Caspian" (D& I saw the movie and it made me want to read the book to my kiddos again) plus... drum roll please! Two novels! I got two in case one is a dud. I rarely finish novels these days, the last time I read a "real" novel was when I was pregnant with K-A (my two year old!) And I checked out three or four before I decided that that particular one would be worth the time it took to read it. My Dad is always reminding me to read more broadly so there - I've done it.

These photos were all taken by Daniel Raider

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