Thursday, May 22, 2008

hi there

life has been life... ups and downs and heartache and joy and tough days and easy days. Daniel's finally back to work now after three weeks of staying home, resting his back. He's so glad to be out of the house and productive again. His doctor never figured out what is wrong with his back, after an X-ray & MRI and nearly two months of physcial therapy plus three different pain meds Daniel is still in a lot of pain and he still doesn't know what is wrong.
Yesterday I went to Revive Consignment and bought 12 items for $32 - and all using store credit from the clothes etc. that I've consigned. I did this while my girls were being watched by my wonderful friend, Sue - who has made herself so available to me and my girls it's a very real ministry to me - she's become almost like a surrogate grandmother to the kids. She comes over and makes home-made play dough and paints with them and she helped them make me a t-shirt for mother's day with their artwork on it!
Today I cleaned the girl's rooms - you can actually see floor again! I bagged up a lot of clothing for my sisters' girls a big bag for baby Kara and some dresses for Julee. I also sorted through Josiah's drawers to get out all of the 3-6 months clothes out of his dresser. I bagged that up too, but it felt so different. Daniel is SO done having babies and I feel glad to be moving onto a new phase of my life but sad, too. I was made to have babies and now I hold Josiah longer and a little tigher and I'm not saving his clothes for his little brother. It seems so strange and sort of sad.
Josiah is growing so much! He's eight months now. Today we sat outside together watching the big sisters pick honeysuckle and I played pat-a-cake with him and for the first time he seemed to really enjoy it. It was SO sweet. He's eating solid foods without hesitation (yay! one less battle to fight) he's crawling and pulling up and has now conquered our two steps in the house. He is such a joy. He's really busy and curious right now. He loves other babies too - I sit him in my lap and we look at his cousins and his cousin's cousin on flickr and he is so happy!

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I have really missed blogging recently. So much is going on and life is so crazy-stressful but long story short, I really do miss blogging. Hopefully I'll be writing more regularly soon.

Daniel is still home with his back injury. It's been pretty miserable, though not as bad as it could be. As usual Daniel's had all of the side-effects and none of the relief from his pain meds. All Daniel can do comfortably is lay in bed - bless his heart! Hopefully he'll get an MRI soon and we'll know better what is really wrong with his back.

I planted my seedlings today. I'm actually really sore from the crouching on the ground, weird. However, no sooner were my seedlings in the ground in the back then my girls decided to do some re-landscaping to my just-about-to-bloom mums in the front. It's really not a huge deal, they tend to get infested with aphids and are not terribly successful plants, but still. It's irksome when my kiddos get into a destructive frame of mind.

We keep our windows open 24/7 right now. Tonight that is wonderful because the honeysuckle in the back yard is blooming! Today Beth & Emma scoured the yard for honeysuckle blossoms. Last summer I watched a little girl who is a year older than Beth and she taught them to get the "honey" from the honeysuckle. They are just getting to be so big!

Speaking of kiddos getting to be big - Beth has been asking for a Bible. She gets extra points in KidMo (the kid's program at church) if she brings her Bible but Daniel has said "No Bible until you know how to read it." So we were in the Family Christian Store picking up a CD and Beth picks up a Bible (a "pray for the cure" pink Bible) out of that section and says "I like this one. If you want to get me this one, I'd take it." That's her weird way of asking me to get it for her. I said "Okay, well let me see you read it." So I opened it randomly and she started reading. The print was a bit too small so she got messed up on what line she was on a lot, but other than that she was reading! It's amazing to watch her suddenly be able to read so well. I got a book out of the Library last time to read to her but she's been reading it to me -how cool is that?

One more little tidbit and then I'm off the computer for the night - I am designing my first ever real website! I just started the project this week. I'm designing an e-commerce storefront for a hand-sewn, custom-made sort of line of clothing for a boutique in Buckhead. I am so excited. I'll drop a link when it's done.

Okay, bye now. Love ya!

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