Thursday, March 13, 2008

things that made my day better

I guess this is a spin off of Amy's "Thankful Thursday" but I thought I'd just list a few things that made my day:

  • sunshine and a warm breeze through my kitchen window
  • listening to Kaki King's MySpace music
  • finding the soundtrack to August Rush
  • catching up on some blogs I haven't checked in awhile and seeing how much my internet-friends children/bellies are growing!
  • discovering this blog!
  • dancing to "Barlow Girl" with K-A
Things that nearly made me cry:
  • finding my girls had stolen fruit snacks - again
  • laying down for a nap just to hear Katie-Abigail getting up
  • folding laundry for an entire movie and still not being done
But this totally made my day: Katie-Abigail went potty for the very first time tonight!!!!!!!!

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