Thursday, March 20, 2008

our new dog Mary

Last Saturday we adopted a new dog! Her name is Mary and she is a Boxer/German Shepherd mix.
We still have our other dog Daisy, the Labrador. She was very timid and submissive towards Mary at first. Today is ther first day that Daisy hasn't cowered on her pillow. Mary has been very gentle and hasn't hurt Daisy at all just growled a little.
Mary has been a really great dog so far. She is perfect with the kids, she hasn't made any accidents in the house, even though she used to be an outdoor pet. She's done excellently on a leash (Daisy - not so much). She still needs training, for sure. The difference in acceptable behavior in an outdoor pet vs. and indoor pet is pretty big. So we're still teaching her things like not to beg or get into trash.
I think we must have totally lost our minds to have adopted another big dog. since she's come it feels like our house has shrunk about three feet! But it's so great to have her!

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