Tuesday, March 11, 2008

my littles

This morning my two year old came up to me as I was loading some of the girls clothes into the washing machine "I hep me eew" (translation "I'll 'help me' you").

Last night I walked into her room for the tenth time (it was the first night since Daylight Savings Time began that I've had to put the kiddos down. They were up for at least another hour after I'd put them to bed!) and she said "holdju me?" (translation "hold you? me.") I said "No baby, I've got to wash dishes and neaten up the Living Room." Then it hit me how stupid that sounded and I picked her up and help her. She nestled down into my arms, snuggled her face into her blanket and relaxed. I only stood there with her in my arms for a minute, but it was so special.

One night this weekend my husband and I were talking about how old we'll be when we are empty nesters. Daniel estimates I'll be about 45. If I live to be any older than 80 then raising my children will have only taken up about one quarter of my life.

Just a thought.

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