Saturday, March 22, 2008



Recently I just haven't felt like blogging much. I've been pretty busy with the girls and our new dog I've been taking a few photographs but mostly just simple stuff - trying to capture the growth of my children.
But aside from a general lack of sleep I've been feeling great! I've been keeping up with the green smoothie challenge and have had a smoothie every day with fresh fruits (or/and vegetables). Some days I add yogurt, which is perfectly delish!
I've also started doing yoga practice at home. I got a book out of the Library called "Simple Yoga" and I've been doing the routine at home. I usually do it right before lunch. It helps me relieve stress, and I can say that it is truly the one of best parts of my day. I stand there in mountain pose and think "I love this! I love this!" I especially love triangle pose and warrior pose and really hate downward dog but I keep doing them, and I feel so much better about my body. I feel like I generally make better choices about what I eat (though I still have ice cream at night!!). Really, I highly recommend it. Yoga is, as a whole, a spiritual philosophy and not a religion. And while I disagree with a lot of the essence of yoga, I find that the practice of the poses and the moments of "meditation" do help me. As I go through the routine of poses, sometimes I think about very specific things but usually I concentrate or releasing stress physically and emotionally. It's been very helpful for me.

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