Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Today was the complete opposite of yesterday.

First of all the weather turned grey and rainy and cold.
(Where did my blue skies and sunny warmth go?!)
So we never really got the day started well.
And I was preoccupied.
Paying attention to all the wrong things at all the wrong times.
Oh well.
Every day can't be perfect, the best thing I can do is go to bed and try again tomorrow.
Just thought I'd share that and even the score a bit.

Tonight I've turned the light off in the kitchen, though the sink still has dirty dishes, I've been reading my book and erasing the grey feelings with Brown Cow Ice cream. Now generally I'm a Moose Tracks girl - all the way, baby! I take regular detours to taste Bear Claw and English Toffee just so the Moose Tracks won't get old but I always come back to my favorite - my favorite, that is, until I discovered Brown Cow. The name just doesn't do it justice. Brown Cow. What's up with that? It reminds me of a story my brother in-law likes to tell on his sister, who when she saw a brown cow for the first time said "Is that where chocolate milk comes from?" Brown Cow. The name just doesn't do it justice. It ought to be named something extravagant, something rich and wonderful that feels good just saying it - the way my girls feel about "Tinkerbell" and "Arabella".

Anyway, I just finished eating the last bit of that fudge swirl that never gets swirled enough and ends up in a clump in the middle of the bottom of the box. I'm very happy, very satisfied, and very much ignoring the fact that I haven't lost any weight since Christmas!

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