Friday, February 29, 2008

living at the short end of the stick

I don't know what it is about me that thinks I can live without giving my body the least bit of attention or care. I keenly remember an instance of this - I was pregnant with our second baby, money was extremely tight so I ate all the food-pantry rejects. You know, the stuff that they gave me at the food pantry that no one else cared o eat. The canned stew (gross) the canned chow-mein (double-gross). Here I was growing a baby again eating canned meat! Looking back that was pretty irresponsible of me, but I could so I did.
My eating habits haven't changed a lot since then. I am careful to give my children what they need, and give my husband what he likes but what about taking care of myself? Ohh...
too much coffee and not enough water
too much sugar and not enough vegetables
too much empty carbs and not enough protein
too much to eat and not enough exercise
too much sitting at the computer and not enough sleep
How much more will my body take, I wonder. How much better would I feel if I showed my body a little more respect? I wonder sometimes if we have settled for less, if feeling horrible has become the new norm, we just don't know we feel so horrible (and look so horrible) because this is just how it always is.

Sara is such an inspiration to me she lives out on the edge and beckons me to take one step farther away from what is "normal" and towards what is healthy. She's been eating 90% raw and I've been thinking that I'm not ready for that yet but I am ready to make a change in my diet, at least for the month of March.

The hard part about making a change in my diet is knowing exactly what to do. Should I cut carbs or calories? Where do I draw the line? I find myself often swinging to extremes and I get to thinking I'll just cut carbs and calories and while I'm cutting things out of my diet I'll cut out coffee too, and since we're on a roll with the C's why not cut out chocolate, and cola and candy and carrots - whoops!
Let's start back at the beginning. What do I want to achieve? Healthy eating habits. How will I achieve it? Self-control coupled with a dose of self-nurture or self-respect or whatever you want to call it. It's time, high time, that I take care of myself because no one is going to do it for me. So I'm not going to post a list of my do's and don'ts (I never know how to write that word, it feels like it should be "don't's"... but anyway) I just wanted to post a simple reminder to take care of your body, to take care of yourself!

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