Monday, February 11, 2008

good morning mama!
A few things that made me happy today...
a wonderfully clean kitchen counter - I spent Saturday super-cleaning my kitchen. It's SO nice to have that spot in my home conquered!
a scrambled egg burrito every - morning I've been making myself a scrambled egg burrito, it's very satisfying and keeps me running 'till lunch-time, the best one ever was a couple of days ago but today's was nice and warm and cheezy
a hot cup of tea on a cold morning - I'm just loving tea in the morning these days. I brew a cup after the coffee pot's turned itself off. It's very satisfying.
kissing my husband - he's been home a lot lately, which is stressful. This afternoon he asked me to take his picture for a networking card. I kissed him when we were done.
a walk with my kiddos - the weather is just too lovely to stay indoors!
my baby's smile when he wakes up - Josiah makes me feel like to him I'm the most important person in the world.

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